Brian Lawson was born and raised in North Carolina. He was not brought up in a Christian home except in name only. He was care free without one thought of eternity. At the age of fifteen he witnessed the death of his eleven year old brother in November of 1989. For the first time he was forced to think about death for himself. After the funeral the preacher came to invite his family to church. The preacher preached a message on the Savior that died on Calvary, and Heaven and Hell. After much conviction he surrendered his will to the savior. At the age of sixteen the Lord saved him.
In 1998 missionary John Gray was preaching in the morning service. It was his testimony of what the Lord had been doing in his life. The Holy Spirit had been dealing with Brian prior to this service. Again, after much conviction Brian surrendered to God's will. Brother Gray closed the message and during the invitation Brian confronted his wife, Jessica. He asked her if she was willing to be a preacher’s wife. After she answered in the affirmative he went forward to announce his call to the preacher and the congregation. It was during the same year that a missionary came home for furlough and visited their mission’s conference. He was from Brazil. Brian had wept over many missionary presentations, but it was through this presentation that God started dealing with his heart about where He wanted their family. Brian then proceeded three years at Silvery Lane Baptist Institute. He was then encouraged to find a Bible college. After the death of their ten month old daughter, the family moved to South Carolina where they completed four years of Bible college. Brian earned a Bachelor’s in Theology and graduated with honors.
During Brian's third year of college he took a survey trip to Brazil. He was seeking God’s guidance and confirmation. He stayed in Brazil for two and a half weeks. While he was there God showed him the great need in this country. If the Lord allows, the family plans to give the rest of our lives serving Him in Brazil, reaching the lost, establishing churches, and training Brazilians for the ministry.  A link to their page is listed below.